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Civil Engineering


A team of inspiring youth from the SAICE Young Members Panel (YMP) led by Mr. Oliver Rowe came to this great institution of learning for a road show and did what they do best, inspire. A talk about SAICE was presented and issues regarding networking and marketing oneself were strongly addressed.

From this Road Show, one Dane Brand, figured out that having a Student Chapter at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, would be of great importance to the students of Civil Engineering. Dane organized a team of dedicated students who sought for signatures to kick start project, SAICE Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) Student Chapter.

Dane, who happens to be the President of the current Chapter worked tooth and nail to see to it that the Chapter is established. With support from the head of the department of Civil Engineering, NMMU, Mr. Vincent Danoher and the Algoa SAICE Branch President, Mr. Marinus Meiring, in conjunction with the Branch Student Chapter Representative, Mr. Dirk Viljoen, the Chapter managed to be established.

On the 25th of July 2012, the Opening Ceremony of the new cCapter was held and happened to be a great success. The Ceremony was graced by the presence of the Algoa Branch President Mr. Marinus Meiring, the head of the department of Civil Engineering at NMMU Mr. Vincent Danoher, and the Branch Student Chapter Representative Mr. Dirk Viljoen.

It was at this Ceremony that the interim Executive Committee of the Student Chapter was unveiled to the fellow students. This committee consists of a team of dedicate students that include:

  • Mr. Dane Brand                      President
  • Mr. Andrew Nyakusinga           Vice President
  • Miss Mbalenhle Mrendlana        Secretary

Other posts on this committee are expected to be filled when official elections are held at the start of next year.

The student chapter has a vision, “to create an environment that encourages up and coming civil engineers to develop a working relationship with the student chapter through involvement and networking activities.” This vision is driven by the following objectives:

  • To improve students’ knowledge in the civil field.
  • To expose students more to the civil field.
  • To put students at ease when entering the civil field.

The student chapter started off on a vibrant note, planning to organize events that include; lectures from former students and qualified engineers that are already in the field of work, site visits and inspirational talks. Such events are planned purposefully to guide the students on making the right decisions within the field and also to act as learning tools for the students.

In a conclusive remark, the SAICE Student Chapter is meant to act as a corridor between studies in the lecture room and actual work in the field of Civil Engineering.